science resources

Hinterland Who’s Who: from the Canadian Wildlife Federation, information about a range of Canadian wildlife; Includes the video clips that were on TV when I was a kid.

Yes I Can Science: Canadian resource providing teacher materials for the science from K-12. Linked to Canadian national curriculum standards (who knew there were any?) but the “browse curriculum” feature also has the US standards.

The Canadian Ecology Centre: includes information on the School of Experiential Education offering high school credits in things like geography, science and phys.ed. in either 2 week summer camps or one semester residential programs.

Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary: does what it says on the tin; near Upper Canada Village; has a nice campsite.

A guide to the Digestive System: with links to guides for other systems; also book suggestions at the bottom of the page

Human Anatomy Online

Urban Bird Studies: a Cornell University website with resources for studying birds in urban settings

Einstein: supporting documentation for the American Museum of Natural History exhibition, includes learning resources and a virtual exhibition

Physics tutorialsPhysics I (Classical Mechanics): MIT open courseware with video lectures and other stuff (HT Becky)

Physics (Electricity & Magnetism): MIT open courseware with video lecture and other stuff (HT Becky)

Archimedes Project: an online resource for the history of mechanics (HT Becky)

Home Chemistry: a blog following one homeschooling mom’s chem lessons (HT Lissa who also has a link to a couple of cool experiments on density and PH in that post)

Robert Bruce Thompson, author of Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments, has assembled a chemistry set to sell to amateur chemistry buffs and homeschoolers. More information.

Nancy Clark’s Biology and Chemistry resources: retired teacher; looks like lots of good material and links in here

The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA has a page of classroom activities to download.

National Science Teachers Association & NSF developed micro-units in grade 9 and 10 science.

Science Joy Wagon: online Physics and Chemistry materials; some free, some by subscription; physics workbooks also available

ENature: website with field guides and stuff; can search by region in North America

GEMS guides: teaching resources for a range of science topics from University of Berkley; grade levels pre-K to 8


Boreal Northwest: A Canadian science supplier

Efston: another Canadian science supplier

ProlabScientific: Another Canadian science supplier, recommended by Bob who says phone is better than online with them. (office in Ottawa)


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