Math resources

Mathematics Enrichment::NRICH Home Page: UK website with a wealth of mathematics resources for all levels. Monthly format but access to the archives in the sidebar. Searchable by topic, level, etc.

Living Math!: A wealth of resources for learning mathematics through literature and games.

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper: includes options to specify size of squares, also triangles, hexagons, and other types of grid

Doc’s Anti Textbook Math Page! Long list of useful math stuff.

Purple Math: Algebra concepts explained. Good visuals.

Radical Math: I haven’t checked this out much but it looks interesting. Resources for integrating Math education with Social Justice Education.

Statistics Canada Learning Resources: Not just a source of statistics, lesson plans for teaching data management, etc. but also very useful for statistical data for other subjects (e.g. social studies, history)

Nick’s Mathematical Puzzles

Mathematical Fiction: looks like a pretty big database of titles over there

MathsNet: UK site with curricula, puzzles, etc.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: American site with virtual manipulatives for mathematics teaching across all grade levels.

Platonic Realms: puzzles, history of mathematics, games, etc.

The Art of Problem Solving: Books, online classes, forums, etc. for gifted math students

Devlin’s Angle: monthly columns on mathematics for the MAA

Mathematics Illuminated: from their description “Mathematics Illuminated is a thirteen-part series for adult learners and high school teachers. The series explores major themes in the field of mathematics, from humankind’s earliest study of prime numbers, to the cutting-edge mathematics used to reveal the shape of the universe.”

Math Playground: games, puzzles, and videos explaining concepts. K-8


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