Useful homeschooling links

Warning: This hasn’t been updated for a while.

This page is getting kind of long so I’m going to leave the general resources here and make the other headings clickable to their own page. I hope that isn’t too difficult for anyone else.

General resources:

Canadian Home Education Resources: Canadian homeschooling supplier; not everything is on their website but they have a paper catalogue; no online payment system (requires a phone-call for mail order)

National Capital Region Home Based Learning Network: Local inclusive network (Ottawa, ON, Canada); has an e-mail list that notifies of events and group activities.

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Continuing Education page: these programs are open to all, not just to kids in OCDSB schools

Homeschoolers Guide: An online and print magazine produced by a homeschooling mom in Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

AMDEC: a completely on-line public high school in Ontario; the regulatory/funding framework has been changing but it did offer part-time registration and was pretty friendly to homeschoolers

Canadian Test Centre: standardized testing services (aptitude & achievement)

Growing Without Schooling : An electronic archive of the magazine published by John Holt.

Ambleside Online: Charlotte Mason resources. Suggested book lists, by level. Original CM publications.

Learning with Museums: a website bringing together resources at a bunch of canadian museums

Orbis-Pictus award winners: American award for non-fiction for young people

British Academy Portal: humanities and social sciences on-line resources, including primary sources, census, atlases, etc.; Main audience is higher education (that’s British for university type) but some of it may be useful.

Sharing Understandings: good resources for using technology to help children learn about a variety of topics; useful activities.

EdSiteMent: great humanities resources for categorized by topic and grade level. Lesson plans are complete with further links and resources. American. (a National Endowment for the Humanities project)

Database of Award Winning Children’s literature: includes awards in 6 English speaking countries.

The Teaching Company: video courses on numerous subjects

Teachers TV: UK resources with on-line video on a whole range of subjects; many are for teachers but some are good for students, too. (HT Julie at Living Math who recommended the John Heely Algebra Masterclass).

English/Language Arts resources:

Brave Writer: Writing and language arts support. Lots of tips and ideas on the site as well as publications for sale and subscription language arts resources for different levels.

DiscoverySchool’s Puzzlemaker: online tools to generate different kinds of puzzles including word searches, crosswords, and number puzzles.

Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival: includes speech

Ontario Music Festivals Association

Math resources:
Science resources:
History resources:

The Atlas of Canada learning resources page (not just geography but it is maps)

If any of the links are broken, please leave a comment. Also if you have any suggestions for other resources, let me know. Thanks.