Various topics in 19th Century Europe: art history, survey of European history, sexuality,

September: attended the Opera Lyra production of La Bohéme.

Discussion of ideas of “bohemia” based on Murger reading (see French). Moved into discussion of modernity based on Beaudelaire.

Listened to lectures on The Long 19th Century from The Great Courses  to give general context to the opera and related reading.

Listened to first 3 lectures of The Impressionists from The Great Courses (The Realist vs the Idealist; Napoleon III’s Paris; Beaudelaire and the Definition of Modernism) also the lecture on Toulouse Lautrec.

February: first 2 chapters of Jeffrey Weeks “Sexuality” (1st edition)


Sept-Dec: finish Harold Jacobs Algebra

Polynomials, Factoring, Fractions, Square Roots, Quadratic Equations, Real Numbers, Fractional Equations, Inequalities, Number Sequences

Jan – May: Harold Jacobs Geometry

Write Cayley math contest Feb 21.


Sept – Dec: ongoing copywork, translation and discussion based around texts related to history. Grammar topics included passé simple.

Texts read:

  • Henri Murger “Scénes de la vie bohème” Chapter VI and Introduction
  • Beaudelaire “Le peintre de la vie moderne”


Jan – May: basic vocabulary using … KinderApp and KinderApp Go!, Living Language German, and possibly earworms


4 week course on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice taught by ????

Oscar Wilde Picture of Dorian Gray and some poetry maybe.

Shakespeare in Performance at Ottawa School of Speech and Drama (October – April)

Shaw Festival: Guys and Dolls and Lady Windermere’s Fan


Jan – May: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Current Affairs

Idle No More protests



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