Officially her Grade 9 year though if we cared about that we’d be in school.

Grade 9 academic science, online, with proper school credits (Semester 1), official grade: B (which was what she was aiming for) This course rather took over the fall term.

Cambridge Latin, Book II, with e-tutor through the Independent Learners program

This got short shrift before Christmas but she’s been catching up. Wrote the mid-term in May and is on track to finish by July 2 (the day she no longer has a tutor to mark things, and the day she goes to camp).

this program includes both language and civilization

Algebra, using Harold Jacobs Elementary Algebra. (I have the teacher’s manual and test masters, too.)

On track to finish up to Chapter 11 by the end of June. That’s the first 2 trimesters in his proposed 3 trimester model and gets her through factoring and fractions with polynomials.

Didn’t get that far… more like up to Chapter 8.

Spanish, with a tutor in Ottawa who has been teaching a group of homeschoolers including Freya for several years now. First semester only. (Tutor has a new job which doesn’t leave time to teach the kids.)

French, with her dad. We’re focusing on copywork and dictation to improve her grammar, using resources we’ve picked up over the years, starting with a magazine covering 100 great events of the 20th century. (i.e. there is some history and politics in this); has been doing translation.

Writing, self-directed but with a booklet of ideas culled from Bravewriter A Writers Jungle and Help for Highschool.

She’s not using the idea booklet. This is probably getting short shrift.


Page to Stage at OSSD (Semester 1 only)

How does a play go from the page to the stage? In this course, students explore a variety of scripts, discovering the nuances of character interaction. The first semester focuses on duologues and small scenes. In the second semester, a script will be chosen based on the needs of the students. The play will be performed in May and will also be entered as a group Trinity examination in the spring. No audition is required. Pre-requisite: a previous course at OSSD or equivalent. The group exam fee is included in the tuition.

volunteering with Perth Academy of Musical Theatre (PAMT)

blocking scenes, choreographing songs, and other skills associated with being part of the staff team: Guys & Dolls; Your a Good Man Charlie Brown; Titanic

Much Ado About Nothing at PAMT (January to May) plus (cancelled due to lack of registrations)

Trip to Stratford in June with PAMT. Seeing Much Ado About Nothing, 42nd Street, Your a Good Man Charlie Brown, & 2 others (to be updated). back stage tours, etc.

theatre subscription to the National Arts Centre English Theatre season

The objective here is to expose Freya to a variety of theatre styles. I’m trying to encourage discussion of the plays. Her writing suggestions also include prompts for writing about plays she sees.

Course on King Lear: 6 weeks plus viewing the performance. Taught by a local graduate student with a BA in English doing graduate work on indigenous issues (relevant to this staging), whose favourite Shakespeare play is King Lear.

Shaw Festival summer 2011: with objective of seeing a variety of theatre, we attended My Fair Lady, Heartbreak House, The President, and Maria Severa.

Literature: a friend’s mom organizes a novel study for Freya and her friend. They started with Grapes of Wrath at Freya’s suggestion and all found it difficult to finish. No discussion yet but modifications in progress. This might get dropped. She does read stuff.

Literary Analysis @ Bravewriter: Little Women

A bit of a hiccup about reading and following directions but got caught up and engaged in discussion with tutor and other students around 9 questions about the book. Also wrote a poem based on this work.


Romans in Britain as part of her Cambridge Latin course.

Autumn: We spent a few hours in the War Museum special exhibition on War & Medicine, followed by the small exhibition on the disappeared in the Balkan conflict of the early 1990s. She also attended an organized tour and lecture on WWII with a group of teens.

After Christmas: Homeschool Heritage History Fair project on Guest Children during WWII. Freya placed 3rd in her age group at the fair and went on to the Ottawa regional event in April, which included a tour of the War Museum.(adjudicated)

This provided a structure and timetable for completing a project. Her research skills improved as did her ability to respond to questions and explain issues (noted in adjudicators comments).

Homeschool History Fair (May, unadjudicated) project on Cold War Propaganda.

Freya improved her research skills with this project. We started with a visit to the Cold War exhibit at the War Museum to get an overview of issues. We also found a good book in the bookshop there. She then read more about the Cold War and had conversations with Mat. Narrowed the topic to Propaganda, read more specifically on that, collected images. More discussions with Mat. Very pleased with product and the learning accomplished.

She is able to engage critically with work that she reads, identifying point of view. This became evident when she read a book she got from the library about propaganda in the cold war and described what she had read to me pointing out that the author had a capitalist perspective (meaning “anti-soviet” as used). She was able to engage in a discussion about those issues.

After xmas (once the science class is out of the way) we plan to start with Vermeer’s Hat since Freya expressed an interest in Chinese history. I’ve read this book and I know she likes art so I think it’ll work as a jumping off point. We’ll probably do it as a read aloud and then add in some activities. I think some maps would be a good idea. I suspect some European Art History will end up in here as well. We’ll see where it goes.

This didn’t happen. Put it in Grade 10 plans.

Art and Art History

Drawing classes at JBArts in Almonte. Fall semester focused on shading. Making great progress. Will be working here this summer helping with summer art camps.

Visit to Toronto for the Chagall exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario. We also learned about a Canadian artist previously unknown to us Jack Chambers. (I read a nice article about him in The Walrus.)

Gallery visits in London in January: Tate Britain and National Gallery.

National Gallery of Canada special exhibition on VanGogh (June).

Plans to use airline points to take a trip to Chicago Art Institute (more impressionism). Also possibly NYC if Freya can narrow down an itinerary. This will happen in a future year.


Piano lessons: Grade 6 RCM (grade: 76) and intermediate theory (grade: 96). This counts as an official Grade 9 credit. She plays daily, 7 days a week.

Choir: Cantiamo Girls Choir, 2 hour practice per week, performances, challenging repertoire with considerable music instruction.

Canadian Geography, a quick survey using Canada Province to Province from Northwoods Press which I bought years ago. Our goal is to do a basic coverage of the issues to say we’ve done it. Done in May/June.

Physical Education Swimming weekly at Perth pool — 30 lengths regularly by the end of the school year.

Bronze medallion as part of the Counsellor in Training program at Camp Davern. Also canoeing, kayaking, …

Yoga weekly in the autumn.

Daily physical exercise mostly dork dancing and dog walking.

Leadership Volunteering with Perth Academy of Musical Theatre.

Leadership training as part of Counsellor in Training Program at Camp Davern.

Working at JBArts in August.



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