High School

We had a discussion about F going to school and decided against it. So we’re homeschooling all the way. I guess I need to get my record keeping in gear.



A page in the style of last-year’s plans is under construction.

We had a conversation during the summer about what worked and what didn’t last year so we could plan for success this year.

What worked:

History fairs: they provided a deadline and some structure for projects.

Block scheduling: The thing we did at the end to finish up latin, math and geography worked really well. 3 subjects every day for 6 weeks. Putting a list of lessons on the chalk board and crossing them off.

Copywork and translation: French grammar and vocabulary using this method worked well

What didn’t:

Online credit courses: Too schoolish in all the wrong ways. Lots of seemingly petty demands about attendance and so on. Inflexible scheduling.

Our structure for this year:

Using block scheduling and project based focus to organize actual subject work, with a monthly teen group to provide just enough structure to get projects finished enough to present to others in the group.


Math: continuing Jacobs Algebra (finish by xmas); Jacobs Geometry

History: 19th Century Europe

overview using The Long 19th Century from The Great Courses

other topics include art history (Toulouse-Lautrec, possible a return to the Impressionists), cultural and social movements (feminism, Russian revolution, etc), social and cultural change (sexualities, gender, class, etc.)

The course on 19th century thought and culture might be a good option.

French: using copywork and translation with texts related to other projects (starting with Scènes de la vie bohème by Henri Murger)


Performing Shakespeare at OSSD

attended La Bohème by Opera Lyra Ottawa, September 15

volunteering as stage crew for Perth Community Choir


Grade 7 RCM plus advanced theory

Cantiamo Girls Choir


Painting with Jeff Banks of JB Arts



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