Hi! If you’ve come here from the Kitchen Table, I have to tell you that I haven’t updated this about page in awhile. Now that I have more idea about how to go about these things, it is on my list. Posts lately have been a bit eclectic and they might give you a better sense of who I am.


I started this blogging thing a while ago. Back before homeschooling. I was encouraged by a wonderful knitter who actually set me up a guest blog at her site to get me started. After a while, I decided to become independent and got my own typepad blog. I was still mostly about the knitting back then. All of those posts are now here in the archives.

“Tricotomania” was a term coined by my partner to describe the role knitting seemed to play in my life at that time. I defined it in my blog header as follows:

“(n) An obsession for the culture and practice of knitting. Derived from ‘tricot’ (Fr. knitting) and ‘mania’ (as in Beatlemania).”

Since then, the blog has evolved. I still knit (and spin, and do a few other types of handwork) but the blog has become more about homeschooling and related issues. But since I am known as “tricotomania” in the blogosphere, I decided to stick with the name. “and more” is to assuage my guilt about the fact that this blog hasn’t had a lot of knitting on it in the last while.

More about me. I am in my 40s, mother of one girl (age 10) who I homeschool. I’m not married but have been living with that girl’s father for a lotta years and probably will be for a lot more. I’m Canadian but spent almost 15 years living in the UK, returning to Canada in 2003. I’m a sociologist but don’t work directly in academe anymore though I still work on the fringes. I run my own business providing advice to social science and humanities faculty about grants and related issues.

My daughter also has a blog here at Homeschool Journal. You can find it here. It is a combination of book reviews, stories, and stuff about what she is doing. She would love other children to read and comment on her blog.

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