A t-shirt that fits!

I’ve cracked one pattern!!!

flowery cowl t-shirt

(Excuse the look on my face. That kid doesn’t warn me.)

Last year I noted that I like this kind of drapey cowl neck (see this post). I recently discovered a pattern that had that kind of cowl. And then Simplifi put the Lillistoffe fabric on sale one weeked and …

The pattern is from Pattydoo a German company that does PDF patterns and tutorials. They come in English as well as German. I decided to go for the short sleeves.

I chose size H based on my high bust measurement so it fits through the shoulders. On the back I graded out to the J at the hips. These patterns are not easy to grade between sizes because the sizes are offset but it more or less works with the back piece.

P1030663On the front I went with a variation on a vertical only FBA that I’d read about. I didn’t use her method because you only need the extra length at the centre front so if you add it all the way across you then have to get rid of it in the sideseam. So I just changed the hemline. I may have added too much but because of the way the collar falls, it might be that I can pull more of the fabric up above the bust into the neckline. I also changed the waist shaping because, while I have a waist, it isn’t as shapely as the pattern measurements suggested. Since all the adjustments were below the armhole I used the size H sleeve.


This knit fabric is pretty stretchy so I figured there was room to be imprecise (which is good; precision is not my thing). Also, I went with some negative ease. And then I miscalculated how to use the marked seam allowance measurements on my machine with the stitch I was using so the shoulder and armhole seams are ⅜” rather than ¼”. It all seems to have worked out well.

I don’t have a serger so I used the knit stitches on my regular machine. I didn’t use a twin needle for the hems but I think I need to learn how to do that.

All in all I’m happy with this. I like the style and the adjustments worked. I may make more of these, including long sleeved ones for winter.


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