Planning a holiday

In the early years of our relationship Mat and I used to go camping, walking/hiking, and bird watching. Not that we are super serious birders but we’d go to a reserve or whatever. And then we had Freya. And moved to Ottawa. And I don’t exactly know how those activities stopped but they did. I have almost zero desire to camp these days but more walking and some birds would not be a bad thing.

Since we moved to the farm, of course, it’s been harder for all of us to go away together because we need someone to look after the house and animals. Now that Freya is grown up and has a driving license, she said she could do this if we wanted to go away. And Mat is going to a conference in PEI at the end of May and has never been to the Maritimes before so….

Road trip!

We decided to take one ages ago but only started planning the details today barely 3 weeks before we leave.

Key items on the agenda: Visit Andrea & Ron in Fredericton and get to Charlottetown in time for the conference. I know Andrea takes Fridays off so I decided we should aim to arrive there Thursday night and spend Friday hanging out with her and whoever else is around maybe having some dinner, too. That created edges to the whole thing.

While I was at choir practice last night Mat did a bit of searching on the internet about hiking and birds in the Bay of Fundy area (both sides) and came up with some spots we might include. Another friend had suggested a few spots, including a good hike that didn’t come up in Mat’s search. Today we looked at maps and tried to figure out what would make sense in the time available.

The plan is Fredericton, then drive to St John and take the ferry to Digby. Drive up the Annapolis valley to the Wolfville area, possibly stopping to see stuff or taking a bit of a scenic route. Stay 2 nights there, spending one day doing the Cape Split hike and another half day at Blomidon provincial park staring at birds and scenery. We may also have dinner with someone we know in the are. Then drive (probably scenic route at least partly) to Amherst to stay another 2 nights there. Take in the national migratory bird sanctuary and possibly the fossil cliffs at Joggins. Then on to PEI.

I still need to figure out what I am doing in PEI while Mat is conferencing but I’m pretty confident I’ll figure something out even if it is sitting in a nice sheltered spot knitting for hours.

We will drive back straight, stopping for one night somewhere along the way (probably Edmunston) because Mat has to be back for something.


2 thoughts on “Planning a holiday

  1. I’m glad you and Mat are returning to activities you enjoyed before Freya was born. 🙂 I sometimes worry that when our kids are grown my husband and I won’t have much in common anymore.


    • That happens a lot. Now that I’m in my 50s, I’m noticing that there is a little flurry of divorces amongst my friends who basically got to that point and realized that without the kids there wasn’t much left to their relationship. If you are noticing that NOW, you can start to do something about it now (one way or the other). I’m not sure what the next 25 years is going to look like but right now we want to be doing whatever we are doing together so we’re figuring out what that is.


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