Red buttoned sleeveless

This post is part of a personal blog project to Find My Style. Please read the first post for an overview of what I’m trying to do and what kinds of comments I’d like. Thanks.

Buttoned higher

I like this top. It’s a relatively heavy weight cotton but comfortable even when hot. I have had it for several years. This kind of red is one of the colours I particularly like to wear.

There are 2 pictures because I decided to experiment with the neckline. This top has buttons right up to the top. The photo on the right has only the top button undone. The one on the left has 2 buttons undone. I like the one on the left better. In general crew necks and other high necklines are not to my liking. It’s the vertical proportion, I think. I just like that break in the long expanse above my breast that even opening that extra button gives.

In these photos you can see the armhole gaping I mentioned in the discussion of the Sorbetto top. This top fits ok across the bust, though it’s snug. (That’s not gaping below that button it is unironed shirt folding back.) It also fits well at the hip though the slit side seams help prevent pulling here.

I’d welcome advice from someone more experienced, but it seems like maybe I need more room in the bust at the front and narrower shoulders. If I were to make myself a buttoned shirt like this, using a pattern with princess seams as Darcy suggested, I could definitely make those adjustments. With a purchased shirt (as this is), I suspect I went for a compromise on the size to avoid bagginess and the front is a bit too tight at the bust to make the back fit better.

This process is making me realize that maybe I need to make myself a buttoned shirt with 3/4 sleeves and princess seams. Maybe an open neck style, rather than a button to the collar style that is then left open.


2 thoughts on “Red buttoned sleeveless

  1. NOT an expert sewer but expert opinionated person.
    What I see is a bit of excess fabric both above and below the widest part of your bust, rather than inadequate space AT the bust. So agree re smaller shoulders but maybe not wider at bust. Think precise placing of buttons in a self-made shirt might change things too.
    I feel the one on the left is better, but suspect I would find it preferable with more open even than that. I think the other pics you’ve shown with scoop etc necks have been more pleasing somehow – is it balance? Nor sure but don’t find the high neck so satisfactory on you.
    This is a very interesting exercise to take part in – considering dispassionately how something works on another shape helps with doing so for myself.


  2. Thanks Emily. And I agree, a more open neck is definitely better for me.

    I came across a blog post on pattern drafting that had those gaps and pulls and repositioning bust darts and whatnot helped. I think I’m going to go with my friend Darcy’s recommendation to get a pattern with princess seams so there are more places to adjust things. I might even get some cheap cotton fabric on sale and make a muslin!


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