Beige patterned button up top

This post is part of a personal blog project to Find My Style. Please read the first post for an overview of what I’m trying to do and what kinds of comments I’d like. Thanks.

beige patterned topTaking this photo made a big difference to how I thought about this particular top. This is one that Mat bought me from Fat Face a few years ago. It is a very thin cotton and definitely more of a summer top. That said, it looks nice with my purple cords in the fall and winter and I have a knit vest that I wear over it.

The style is a bit more “girly”. There are tucks down the front. It is shaped more at the waist. And there are gathers on the sleeves at cuff and shoulder.

It is buttoned all the way up in that photo and the open neck design works to give that neckline detail that I know I like.

The hem on this falls above the widest point on my hips. Thinking about that as I write, I wonder if the width at that point balances better with my shoulders. (The slight gathering at the sleeve cap might also help here.)

I’ve never thought of myself as having narrow shoulders until I started this. (I used to be a prop-forward on a rugby team. My shoulders were kind of important.) However, in comparison to my hips they are. I’m going to have to give this hem length more thought because in general I’ve been drawn to the slightly longer length in terms of vertical proportion but then I haven’t really taken the photos well for that.

This sleeve length is also one I wouldn’t normally choose. However, it works well vertically with that hem length in a way that a 3/4 length might not. It also draws attention to the waist a bit more, an area I wouldn’t mind emphasizing more even in a looser top like this one.

This top is also comfy. It fits well. It’s loose enough to be comfortable while being fitted and shaped enough to feel flattering. The fabric is a fine cotton. I love this kind of take on a floral print. There are butterflies. And the shapes are more stylized which I like. Those kind of random pops of turquoise also make me happy.

Based on my renewed appreciation of this top just from taking the photo I ordered the Jasmine pattern from Colette the other day. The bow is so not me but the neckline and other features seemed quite similar to this. (Based on Darcy’s advice in a comment on the post about Sorbetto, I am now thinking that something similar designed with princess seams might be better but it’s in the mail and on it’s way so I’ll consider that sunk costs and carry on.)


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