patterned fabric and cowl necks

This post is part of a personal blog project to Find My Style. Please read the first post for an overview of what I’m trying to do and what kinds of comments I’d like. Thanks.

The photo of this top surprised me. This is another find at Eddie Bauer and it is really comfortable. I wear it with black dress pants for occasions that require being a bit dressed up and the only thing I really don’t like about it is the fact that the cowl neck edge isn’t really finished so it’s hard to get it to drape without the inside of the fabric showing.

It has a lot of things I like: lower neckline, 3/4 sleeves, hem at a good spot for me. It’s super comfy fabric (a light cotton knit). And the print isn’t too girly.

When I took the photo my first thought was that the pattern distracted from the shape. And I started to realize that I really should have tried the smaller size. The top fits VERY loosely. It’s not awful but I need to think about those things when I buy stuff.

This is part of a pattern with me. I’m worried about stuff being too tight, so I end up with too loose. This is a knit so the wider hip thing might not have been a problem.

Things to take away from what I like about this top: cowl neck. Seriously. They were popular in the late ’70s/early 80s when I was in high school and I never figured out how to wear them and didn’t like them much. But this neckline I like.

Other things to remember: Andrea S is right. Patterned fabric can be tricksy. Her rule of thumb is only use it when you LOVE the pattern.

I’ve found some things that might help me with that:

A tutorial for a draped tank

And another: I’m not as keen on the underbust folds that the author of this post seems to desire but her notes on what adjustments to make to get that neckline are food for thought.

Renfrew top has a different kind of cowl but also seems like a good basic knit top pattern. I’d been avoiding it because the top size seemed to small for me. But if I pick a size based on my upper torso measurement their 16 is close enough.


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