Finding my style: blue summer top

This post is part of a personal blog project to Find My Style. Please read the first post for an overview of what I’m trying to do and what kinds of comments I’d like. Thanks.

blue summer topThis top is really comfortable. I’ve had it for a couple of years and wear it reasonably frequently in the summer.

Stuff I like about it:

  • V-neck
  • gathering just below the V-neck
  • loose, which is important in hot weather

Stuff I already knew was not ideal

  • cap sleeves

Stuff I notice from the process of photographing myself in it

  • That pattern is NOT helping. I’m not sure whether the a-line shape is obscuring my waist-line or not because those dark blue lines are attracting a lot of attention. I’m not sure I hate it but I’m not sure it’s ideal either.
  • I do like this length.

I cropped the photo to get a better sense of the neckline.

I like the effect of the gathers at the bust. And of the decoration. I do like a v-neck and that’s a good depth.

The sleeves are really not falling at the right place. Better lengths to be explored with other items but I think a short sleeve falling about level with my bust would be better.

I then tried it with a navy cardigan I often wear with this top and realized that I need to stop pairing that cardigan with this top. The cardigan either obscures my shape altogether (if left open) or interacts in very strange ways with those solid blue stripes.

Conclusions: A top this style with a different sleeve would be a good choice for me but I need to experiment with different fabric without such strong diagonal lines.


10 thoughts on “Finding my style: blue summer top

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  2. The sleeves on that top would fit and feel better if the shoulder line came out to your actual shoulder width.

    The pattern is a little overwhelming and makes you look straight from armpits to hips. If it nipped in a little at the waist it would provide some shaping


  3. Trying to respond according to your request – apologies if I misfire.
    The overal shape looks good on you.
    I agree that (particularly I’m the cropped photos) the capped sleeves could work better – a bit out of balance.
    Don’t find the dark blue lines harm the overall impression.

    (Tell me if I did that right/wrong. Interesting enterprise).


  4. The length and the sort-of-A-line cut flow smoothly across the hips and work well with the jeans. I agree about the cap sleeves–they don’t seem to fit with the rest of the top, but I often feel that way about cap sleeves. They tend to look like an add-on. The mismatch of the pattern in the middle is also a little disconcerting. If the pattern matched in the middle, it would emphasize the flow of the top.


  5. I think this diagonal plaid would look a little awkward on anyone. In general unless you are in LOVE with the print (and when you are it shows when you wear it) solids make more sense, they are just easier to wear. (Though I am someone who is in love with a lot of prints)

    I prefer the cap sleeves to the sleeveless, I like the line they create, going up the side and then curving out. I like cap sleeves on anyone so I may be biased, but I don’t see how they don’t flatter you.


  6. OK, apologies if I get this wrong.

    I agree about the cap sleeves. They make the upper arms disproportionate. I experience the same with my body type. They almost feel childlike.

    I agree that the length is great. I actually do like the diagonal lines–I think they provide a nice accentuation of your hips. Now I have very narrow hips–my weight is in my belly– so it may be a case of the grass being greener.

    As a busty person, I tend to be less happy with ruching/gathers at the bust. This top is relatively subtle in that regard, but I always feel like gathers like that work better with a bit of ease in that part of the garment. I also notice the small ruffles at the neck–they have that girly childlike look of the cap sleeves that I’m not fond of. (So hard to find women’s clothes that are cut for the figure without being overly ornamented–just my own preference there).

    Finally, I agree with the v-neck. It provides a nice angle and balances your bust and shoulders while lengthening your neck.


  7. I’m finding that this is just as much a learning experience for me as well…looking beyond “this looks good/bad” and seeing *why* it looks good/bad.

    What strikes me is that the darker stripes near your hips flare out which draws your eye out and emphasizes your hips, making them look wider. The darker downward stripes near the bust draws your eyes down and out which de-emphasizes your chest. The v-neck adds more interest in the neckline which provides more balance over all (as does the details and the gathers near the chest).


  8. Very useful folks. I am not very sensitive so don’t worry about “getting it wrong”. I’m mostly just aiming for more detail about WHY you think what you think. All of this is REALLY super helpful.


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