starting a new quilt

Back in August I went to the Lanark County Quilt Guild show in Perth. There is a market and this panel really struck me.

Actually, the panel was 2 flowers but that’s the one that struck me.

I stared at it for ages. So long that a vendor I know because she has a shop here in town walked past and told me to buy it even though it was not at her stall!

So I did, along with a pile of fabrics to go with it and make a quilt. I had no idea how much I’d need or what exactly I was going to do but here’s the stack.

The one on the bottom is a deep purple. It has a textured pattern. The yellow and green are only fat quarters because I wanted them mainly for small accents.

I dislike that colour green but recognize that it goes well with the colours I do like and a bit of it can make the whole thing come together nicely.

The one on the top (orange with purple floral pattern) I bought later from a different shop. I spotted it when I went to get my sewing machine fixed.

I realized a little while ago that I have scraps from a dress I made myself about 20 years ago that would also work with this.

I’d cut them into strips and squares so I can’t really fussy cut any to focus on the birds of paradise flowers in this print. But I think it might add some interest in a small way.

Today I sat down to do some designing. And as I did, I realized that maybe the other large flower from the original panel might fit. The quantity of green (and the blue and pink) had put me off but now…

This has been on my wall for a while. I’m not sure why the other one hasn’t been. I’ve now corrected that and can see both from my desk albeit at different angles.

For the design, …

I want to avoid a symmetrical medallion quilt. I’ve been experimenting with randomness and scrappy quilts. And now I think I want to experiment more with asymmetry.

One of the quilts in Sunday Morning Quilts gave me an idea. It is all squares within squares. But some are small and some are large. The large ones are placed asymmetrically in the whole layout and then the smaller ones are laid out in rows to fill in.

I started thinking about framing the large flower with some of the other fabrics and then making different sized larger blocks and arranging all of them and filling in with some smaller squares. Small and large are relative as this might not have anything smaller than 4″ finished.

I figured out a way to play with that idea:

I’ve marked out an 80″ x 80″ square (to scale) on a large sheet of graph paper. I’ve lightly marked the centres and quarters.

Pasting plain coloured paper to graph paper allows me to cut blocks of different sizes and arrange them.

This is still in progress but I think it might give me enough of an idea of the overall layout to start cutting fabric and making blocks.

I’d like the large flower(s) to be a focus so they will be in the middle somewhere if asymmetrically so. I’m also experimenting with borderless.

Since the beginning I’ve been thinking of this as a quilt for our bed. Today it also occurred to me that although I really like the poppy (if that’s what it is), Mat does really like the sunflower (which is also meaningful for him as a long time member of the Green Party).

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