Bright quilt

A couple of years ago I bought a pack of 4 x half-yard pieces of fabric from Flare Fabrics. They were intended to go together.

My vegetable placemats had got me thinking of a fractal 4-patch design. I worked this out for the 4 half-yards even though that ends up with a kind of odd sized quilt top — big (to my mind) for a baby quilt but too small for a lap quilt. Some borders might be added at some point to address that.

Fractal Cot Quilt -- orange, pink, yellow

Fractal Cot Quilt

Finished size 40″ x 54″

Fabric: ½ yard of each of 4 coordinating prints

these will be cut into 8.5″ (Large), 4.5″ (medium), and 2.5″ (small) squares (for finished sizes of 8″, 4″, 2″)

  • 18 Large
  • 34 Medium
  • 136 Small

When I started working with them, I swapped out one (which wasn’t from the same line as the other 3) for a collection of smaller pieces I had in my stash. That one didn’t seem to go quite the way I thought. And I had some solids and a few pieces of a print that had similar colours to the other three.

My quilt had 5 Large of each of the 3 prints plus 3 individual large blocks of coordinating solids. I did similar things with the other sizes.

Sew the small squares into 4-patch blocks. I did this randomly so there wasn’t a noticeable sub-pattern in the smaller blocks. These will be 4.5″ finished.

Then create larger 4-patch blocks using 2 Medium squares and 2 smaller 4-patch blocks. Again, I went for random.

You now have 18 Large squares + 17 Large pieced squares. Lay these out in a 5 x 7 grid with solid squares in the corners. Arrange as you like. Sew together in rows and sew the rows together.

[If you would prefer to have pieced blocks in the corners, you would cut 17 Large squares, 36 Medium, and 144 Small squares. Piece as described to create 18 Large pieced squares.]

Related ideas:

I have noodled on this basic design and I think it would work well to add 16.5″ squares if one was making a large quilt (e.g. Queen or King) size.

I also wondered about whether to piece some of the 2″ squares. To do this you’d need to cut some 1.5″ squares and piece them into 4-patches, which would be 2.5″. Two of those, combined with 2 of the 2.5″ squares would make the 4.5″ pieced squares, to combine with the 4.5″ squares, to piece into 8.5″ blocks that would be combined with 8.5″ squares to make 16.5″ pieced blocks to lay out with the 16.5″ squares…


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