Pandora’s Box quilt Finished!!!

And I think I'm going to rename it Pandora's Flower Box because of how I chose to quilt it. But here it is:

and the back, with clever use of pieced strips to save on backing material

A close up of the flower motif quilting

A recap on how this quilt came to be

I started with a jelly roll of batik prints that I'd purchased in PEI when I was visiting a friend there in late April 2010. At the suggestion of Andrea, I picked up a book of patterns for jelly rolls at my local quilt shop and decided to try this one.

Later, I bought border and binding fabric to coordinate, knowing that I had enough leftover squares to do the stripes on the back. I decided to get enough binding fabric to incorporate some of that into the back, too.

Then it sat around for a long while. I had the fleeces shorn in 2012 made into quilt batting and decided to use that for this quilt. It took me a while to figure out exactly how to do that and in the process I wished I'd made the backing bigger. Or hand basted it. Or something.

There was some movement when sewing even with a walking foot (used to stitch in the ditch around all the squares and borders). And there are a few puckers as a result. Some of the edges got fudged a bit to ensure there was top and backing to bind.

But in the end, I looks great. It's a single bed size so it's on Freya's bed. Blitzen (one of the cats) approves, though he is generally a fan of quilts anyway.

I do have a hand wash cycle on my washing machine and I used that to wash it. The swatch experiment demonstrated that the regular cycle might lead to migration of wool fibres through the fabric. On the hand wash cycle that did not happen. And the puffy parts stayed pretty puffy though I assume the batting will felt a bit over time.


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