New pigs, with bonus duck

In other news, we picked up 3 little pigs this week.

Freya got a photo of them in the shelter but that's still on her camera so you'll have to live with the pics I took later.

These wee pigs are a bit shy. And their field has a lot of long weeds and grass in it so most of the time we have no idea where they are.

There are footprints in their food though, so we know they know where that is and come back for meals. This is pretty typical for pigs.

They are only about 6 weeks old so pretty small. I let the dogs have a look and a sniff before we let them out of the crate so they know they belong here. Norm (our labrador) is pretty fascinated and runs up to the gate to their field to see if he can see them.

While we were picking them up, we were offered a male duckling if we could catch him and put up with his mother's reaction. Mat did catch one. The mama duck whacked him hard in the shin but he kept him.

He's pretty cute, eh?

I was a bit worried about putting him in with the little chickens. I thought maybe they'd peck at him or something. But no. Apparently ducks are automatically higher in the pecking order. They were a bit scared of him at first and now all coexist peacefully.

And in case anyone is getting sentimental, Freya was absolutely right when she said “This may sound cruel, but he's just the cutest Christmas dinner I've ever seen.”


One thought on “New pigs, with bonus duck

  1. You kept referring on FB to little pigs and wondered when they came, I guess I missed the posts announcing their arrival.

    You need to Freya that when I was a kid we got a dozen ducks given to us. I hated them. They’d spend the night on the back porch and it was my job to hose off the porch each morning. When the neighbor’s dog killed them all, the neighbor replaced them with two turkeys that we named Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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