Lambing season round-up

Sunday morning the last of our ewes lambed. Mat was actually watching as the 2nd one came out.

We started with 3 East Friesian/Lacaune ewes and 4 North Country Cheviots. 3 of those were yearlings, born here in late March/early April 2012. 1 of the 2 year old Friesians had not lambed last year.

All of the Friesians had multiples: 2 sets of twins (from the first timers) and one set of triplets. Mostly ewe lambs. 1 ram lamb.

The 2 yearling Cheviots had singles (one ram, one ewe). The older Cheviots both had twins (2 ewes, 2 rams).

Everyone lambed during the day (YAY!!!) and only one needed any help. We are even wondering if Mat was maybe a bit too keen for that one and she might have been fine on her own.

mosaic of lambing images

We now have 7 ewes and 13 lambs.

Our plan is for a flock size of 10 ewes. We think that’s about what will work on our available pasture (which we are still in the process of fencing and bringing back to proper pasture). We buy hay for the winter so keeping the flock size small makes sense on that front, too.

We will shear in a few weeks. I have plans for the fleeces involving sending them to Wellington Fibres for processing into yarn and then knitting sweaters.



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