Knitting news

I’ve finished Freya’s cardigan. The photos are on her camera though so you’ll have to wait.

I’m not sure that knitting a whole cardigan in 11 days is a good thing. I’m now without a large knitting project again. And I’d rather not buy another sweater’s worth of yarn.

So I got out the small stash amounts and made a few small things.

Another cowl:

This is the same pattern I used for the purple one. And I’m still not out of that grey yarn!!!

I’m sure I had someone in mind when I decided to do a blue version but darned if I can think of who now.


Baby hats:

I also pulled out the leftover yarn from the Fiddlehead Mittens kit I knit a few years ago. This is Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK. It’s superwash so suitable for baby stuff. (Though I tend to agree with the Yarn Harlot that you hand wash the baby… and you can just throw hand washable baby knits into the bath to soak after you take the baby out.)

Anyway, the mittens are long gone, due to a puppy (also now gone) who liked to chew on mittens but the colours were pretty nifty.

I decided to knit roll-edge stripy hats, making the colour progression up as I went along.

Of course I ran out when I got near the top of the 2nd hat (right at the end of that broad red band). Luckily I knew a friend of mine had been designing and knitting sweaters with this yarn so I tweeted her an SOS and she put some small amounts of her leftovers in the mail. I might even have enough left over to make some tiny shoes.

Friends of ours are expecting twins, so these have a good home to go to.


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