now that the swatch is dry…

Time to make some decisions about quilting with wool batting. (A reminder: this batting was produced by Wellington Fibre Mills from Morag and Cerys’s fleeces.)

Before washing

This does need fairly close quilting. That envelope shape in the top left doesn’t feel right at all after washing. I’m pretty sure the bat has held together but it feels thin.

The narrower stripes on the top right feel better, which suggests that about 1″ is really needed.

I think I could quilt it less closely but I would definitely want a thicker batt inside if I were to do that.

The pebbles (bottom left) feel FANTASTIC. This quilting pattern really makes good use of the poofiness of the wool batting. The pebbles themselves are poofy. The texture of this section is great. I think I’m going to use that pattern in the 6″ borders of the Pandora’s Box quilt.

The left side of that feather (which I was trying to do from memory because I’d misplaced things) also feels good. The back and forth close squiggles are nice, too.

What I need to do now is really look at the patchwork on the quilt and make some decisions about whether a lot of close quilting is going to be too busy. Might do some in the block borders and then just stitch in the ditch of the 4-patch centres. I’d leave them altogether but fear they will be too thin feeling.

Now might also be the time to actually view that Craftsy class on quilting a full-size quilt on a home machine. Paid for it ages ago.

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