quilting with wool batting

After writing that WIPs roundup post, I decided I should actually take some next steps on the one thing that didn’t require me to spend money.

That’s the Pandora’s Box quilt with the wool batting in it. Spray basted because it’s quick and easy. Rolled around a long cardboard tube.

Before I went further I consulted with some of my FB friends who I know have more quilting experience.

The general consensus was that I should do a test swatch to see how it quilts and how it washes.

Before washing

Today, that’s what I did.

Because the wool is a bit poofier than the cotton batting I normally use, I need to be careful when quilting. The top fabric tends to get pushed a bit even with a walking foot. You can see some puckers in there.

I purposefully did both straight lines with a walking foot and free motion stuff. It was nice to quilt.

I also made sure there were densely quilted areas and not so densely quilted areas so I could see if, when washed, the batting moves around or bunches up in the less densely quilted areas.

Although I do have a hand wash cycle on my machine, I decided that my preference would be to throw it in with a regular load so that’s what I did with my test swatch.

after washing

I think it shrunk but I didn’t measure the before.

The most noticeable thing right away is that there’s a lot of wool fibre that migrated out of the middle.

I’ll need to wait until it dries to see what else went on.

I seem to have misplaced my copy of Angela Walters free motion quilting book, too. Between those 2 facts, I’m going to switch to knitting for the day.

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