placeholder for a possible placemat project

I was on Oh, Fransson today for something else and clicked her Small Projects link. I might try these colour block placemats sometime. Since her link is only to the 1st post in a multi-post tutorial on another site (and there are no links to the later ones from the first ones) I’m going to link all 4 parts here so I can find them more easily.

Part 1: fabric selection and cutting

Part 2: making the napkins

Part 3: piecing the placemats

Part 4: finishing the placemats

One thought on “placeholder for a possible placemat project

  1. I love to see your quilting : ) . One day I will come for a visit and when I leave I will know how to quilt. Or maybe I should settle for visiting you there — much more likely than visiting AND learning to quilt!

    Hey, I owe you an email and I lost the farm email in a laptop crash and the tricotomaniac/rogers one in your About Me page doesn’t seem to be working. What email should I use, and I will start writing again…


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