What to knit next?

I finished 2 sweaters over the holidays and then knit a couple of smaller things — a cowl for a friend and mitts for Freya. Now I find myself with nothing on the needles.

I do have another sweater quantity of yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck. When I bought it there was a sample of Anne Hanson’s Leaving in the booth, knit in the yarn I purchased. I really liked it and bought enough to knit it.

However, when I started swatching I began to have doubts. The gauge for this sweater is 21 st/4″ (and yes, it calls for DK or fingering weight yarn). When I swatched with the recommended needle size, I got 23 st/4″ and a fairly loose fabric. I’m a loose knitter so normally I go down a needle size from what is recommended. When I tried that, I got 24 st/4″ and a fabric that I liked much better.

Although I can see that the loose guage is probably crucial to the drape and style of Leaving, my gut feeling is that I won’t be happy with this.

That led me to the Ravelry pattern search which enables me to look for patterns knit at a specific guage. Then yesterday, I decided to just go through my Ravelry Favourites, from oldest to newest, to see what the heck I had liked at the time and forgotten about.

I found 2 other options, both published in the same online magazine as Leaving, Twist Collective.

The first is Twinflower by Amy Herzog. Bell sleeves. A bit of lace. Nice neckline but nothing special. I’ve been pondering this on and off for weeks.

Then I found Parcel by Carol Feller.  I like this but I think it’s probably designed for a heavier weight yarn than I have. The guage is 22st/4″ on a slightly larger needle than the one I knit my swatch on. And I think it probably wants a fabric more like what I got at 24st/4″.

So far I’ve been working within the parameters that this would be a sweater to reply the Jaali I knit several years ago and which has been my staple “dressy” sweater for most of that time.

I might need to think more about what I really need for “dressy” and whether that is a parameter for this decision or not.


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