quilt dreams

I've finished all the scrappy trip-around-the-world blocks and will show you those later. Here is a photo of all the blocks as (re)arranged by the cat.

Working on this quilt got me thinking about all the other stuff that is in the stash.

When I was talking to Andrea about cutting scraps I realized that I have a lot of fat quarters and smaller. Other people buy yards of fabric they like but I seem to buy smaller pieces. I'm not sure that really is more economical because it is then harder to figure out what to do with them.

I've been making piles as a first stage. I'll share some of them with you.


The Egyptian inspired print and the wavy stripes coordinate are scraps I inherited from my aunt. Although there is a lot of that olivey green that I really don't like in them, I am somewhat drawn to them.

The cream is leftover from one of the Christmas runners. I purposely bought more than I need because I thought it might go well with this. The 3 on the left are fat eighths I bought as part of a larger pack of autumnal colours and the turquoise is a fat quarter I got with another stack but which seems to go well with this.

I have no idea how big a thing I could make but that seems like a good start.

This is the stack that the turquoise came with. These are all from one 1 line and I picked them up when purchasing fabric for a gift. I have no idea what I'll do with them but they spoke to me. 6 fat quarters isn't much fabric. Maybe placemats?

This stack has been hanging around longer. I got it at a quilt show a couple of summers ago. The 4 on the right are half-yards purchased as a bundle. The 2 pinks are fat quarters that were part of a bundle of purple Kona solids. The swirly print is something I used as borders for a small baby quilt made from a bright charm pack.

The polka dot fabric is a few 5″ squares and some strips cut from scraps of an appliqué denim jacket my mom and I made for Freya back in 1999. I bought the fabric in Vancouver when I was there on study leave (at the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies at UBC; yes I went by myself when my kid was under 2) as a project for my mom and I to work on when I continued my study leave at her place the following month (when she and dad would look after Freya during the day while I worked in an office at Brock University). It was a cute jacket.

After that conversation with Andrea, I noticed a magazine at the grocery store called Best Fat Quarter Quilts (an issue of Quilters Newsletter). There are some great ideas in here. I am seriously considering making this one:


I have more than 6 fabrics left in that fat quarter bundle of Kona solids in shades of purple. I'd need to buy a neutral to go with them and then I'm thinking maybe a print for the backing.

Mat bought me a gift certificate for long arm quilting lessons at one of the local quilt shops so maybe the large expanses of negative space would be an opportunity to put those into practice.

Of course I still have a bunch of completed tops with backing and batting that need to be quilted. Including the window panels made of those purple solids for Freya's room.


3 thoughts on “quilt dreams

  1. I tend to go through and start grouping fabrics in a pile that is big enough to make a quilt from. Then I find a pattern.

    Or I find a pattern and then start pulling fabrics. 😀


  2. 😀 I think I’m switching between the two. So I’m pulling what I have that goes together but realizing that I don’t have enough for a quilt. Figuring out a pattern then enables me to go buy more to fill it out.

    I think I need to develop a better sense of how much I need for a quilt. I have a good sense of amounts with yarn and knitting projects but not so much for fabrics.


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