Christmas Day (belatedly)

It seems I have been slack on the blogging front. However I did think about blogging over the holiday and even took some photos for the purpose.

Mat spent quite a bit of Christmas Day pottering in the kitchen. You can see the leg of lamb in the foreground, a couple of pots on the stove, and him putting vegetable scraps into a container to give to the chickens later.

We had friends over for dinner, including my friend Heidi who came up from Boston for a couple of days.


Freya received a lot of art supplies as gifts and began work immediately on a painting. Here she is using inks and a Japanese watercolour brush to begin. She's filling in that space with small spirals.


It got colour later and now hangs in my office.

I finished up some knitting projects. A sweater that I wore that day and that is going to become a wardrobe staple for our not-always-very-warm house.

And a cardigan, which has since acquired button bands but has yet to acquire buttons



2 thoughts on “Christmas Day (belatedly)

  1. Merry Christmas, belatedly, and Happy New Year to you all from all of us : ) . I have an email to you started, but it keeps growing instead of getting sent. May have to start over and just bloody well hit “send”!


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