new quilt project

Today I started a new quilting project: a Scrappy Trip Around The World

At some point in the summer I had tidied my fabric stash, cutting odd shaped pieces into blocks and strips so my first step was to get out all the 2.5″ strips and cut a bunch of 16″ lengths. Then I counted and figured out what size quilt that might create…

I started cutting some more. I now have 96 strips about 1/3 of them light and the rest dark. I've put them in baskets for random selection.

My goal here is not to think too much about which fabrics are going together. It is hard to be random if you are thinking. Based on the balance of fabrics, I will use 4 dark and 2 light in each block. And I won't repeat the same fabric in any one block. I will probably also endeavor to get some mix of colours though my stash is not that varied on the colour front.

Okay off I go. If you are interested in how the blocks are made, click the link in the first paragraph. She has a whole tutorial with photos and everything.



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