Fall madness

Just popping in to let you know that I am still alive.

Things have been busy what with Freya starting school-ish things again (I’ve updated the High School page), me getting new clients and starting a new service as part of my business, canning a lot of tomatoes, and so on.

It seems like 150 tomato plants is the right sort of number for 2 families. It was a bad year for many things due to drought, though. Potatoes did better than last year but not good. Beans were awful.

We’re moving into fall. Mat has planted greens in the greenhouse and we’re clearing some of the main beds. We’ve decided to try moving to raised beds after friends of ours had much better success (and more efficient water usage) that way this year. Mat has been cutting cedar and splitting it lengthwise with the chain saw for sides.

The pigs’ days are now numbered. They go in mid-October. We also have a date for Ifor, the ram lamb, next week. We have had some chicken losses this summer, presumably the drought affected the availability of small woodland mammals for the foxes and racoons to eat. We have 5 males left but because we got started late, they aren’t big enough yet. The small hens are all now in with the older flock. I don’t expect them to start laying for another month or so.

We are now talking to sheep farmers about renting a ram later in the fall. The gestation period for sheep is 5 months so we don’t need one until November.

I’ve not been knitting or quilting lately and that has got to change. In fact, publishing this is the first step.


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