Mayhem on the farm

Although it would make for a better title, there was no murder.

The cast:

Norm: labrador retriever
5 Tamworth/Berkshire pigs
22 assorted teenage hens

Freya went out to take a melon rind to the chicks. Norm was in the back yard with a small hen in his mouth.

Thankfully, Norm is a retriever and doesn’t have the first clue how to kill something. He was playing with the small hen. She was decidedly not impressed.

On command, he dropped the chick. I came out and picked it up. She seems unharmed and is in the chicken hospital to dry out and recover from her ordeal.

However, this left unanswered the question of how Norm got hold of a small hen in the first place. Freya looked over the gate. All the small hens were running around.

Our first assumption was that somehow the door to their coop hadn’t been closed properly. Mat and Freya went out to round up small hens and put them back. I was about to go have a shower…

I won’t quote what I heard next for fear of offending the more polite members of my audience. Suffice to say that much swearing ensued.

The pigs, who look innocent in that photo above, were in the chicken coop eating grain. They had broken the door.

Luckily, they are much more interested in grain than in eating small hens (which is not the case with all pigs). More swearing and probably a boot to the backside and they were on their way back up to their field.

The dogs are now in the house though if the wee hens would just stay on their side of the farm gate, they would be safe enough. Chickens are not well known for their smarts, though.

The hole the pigs made in their fence has not been mended but a rock has been strategically placed so that they can’t push open the gate from the back fields into the farm yard. They can go play in the woods.


3 thoughts on “Mayhem on the farm

  1. I bet they could move that rock if they wanted. My husband used to throw a bowling ball at his pigs, they’d catch it on their snout and roll it around the pen. In fact, they were escaping and that’s why they introduced the bowling ball, the pigs spent so much time playing with the ball they forgot to escape!


  2. I wouldn’t put it past them to move the rock either. But it stalls for time.

    When I went to walk the dogs they were nowhere to be seen. Presumably off adventuring in the woods. Fine with me. They are in the shade, have food, not on the road, and not breaking stuff and eating chicken feed.


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