What happened to July?

Well, Freya got all the math, latin and geography done that we planned before she went off to camp. On our way to camp we had a bit of a discussion and she thinks that kind of 6 week intensive with only a few subjects might be a good way to work regularly. We’ll try it in the fall and see.

I took her to camp on July 2. This is her 9th year attending Camp Davern and she is excited to be a Counsellor in Training. This program is almost a month long and includes doing her Bronze Medallion (at 7:15 am daily, in the lake), leadership training, and a 6 day (5 night) canoe trip in Frontenac park. There are 7 girls doing the program in July and she knows 2 of them from previous summers.

Temporary summer office

Mat was away for the first week of July, too, so I set up a temporary office in the living room so the dogs would be happier. It is also cooler so it is now my summer office.

The front door is just to the left of this table, and there is a table out on the porch where I can do work that doesn’t involve the computer. My hammock is right outside this window for reading.

There are a few glitches to this set up including that I’m no longer connected to the printer. I think I’ll live.

Although it has been very hot and dry this summer, it has been cooling down nicely at night so I’ve been trying to do quilting in the mornings while the upstairs room is still a nice temperature.

The hot and dry is not great for the garden and pasture. It is kind of nice that it is not as humid as hot summer weather often is in Eastern Ontario except that also means we don’t get regular rain/thunder showers.

I’m glad I have more pasture than sheep and that I bought electronet. I’m using the sheep to clear new pasture. They don’t like being in grass that is taller than they are but if that’s what’s for dinner, they’ll eat it. I’m also supplementing with hay.

Mat managed to figure out where the pigs were getting out and successfully block them for about 2 weeks. Then they escaped again but I think he’s figured that one out, too. Either that or it is too hot to be bothered attempting to escape.

The other day I took the dogs for a walk and we came across the pigs in the pond (which is very low and has a lot of wet mud where pond used to be). I walked from there back to the barnyard, through the woods, with both dogs and all 5 pigs. That was quite entertaining. And no, I did not have a camera with me.

The chickens have been seeking shade (and worms) at the edge of the woods. This is normally fine but a hungry fox came and picked off 3 of them (on 3 separate occasions) recently so I kept them locked up in the run this week. I let them out again today. It’s already 36C out there. Shade is more important.

The little chicks are growing fast. We’ve only lost 2 of them (of 36) which is well within the normal range.

That’s all for now. Will try to post here more regularly.


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