Focus and composition

This is a lesson I learned from Prairie Poppins. (click through and read that post, I’ll wait)

I’ve been talking to some online pals about clutter clearing and whatnot and raised that point — that we can choose where to put our focus. We can look for the beauty and focus there (and build it outwards) or we can see all the mess, beat ourselves up, and totally miss all the beauty.

Today I took some photos of my horribly overgrown garden (check the Flickr stream in the sidebar for the complete set) and I thought I’d share 2 of them here.

Aren’t hose colours beautiful?!

I love wild roses. Actually I often prefer flowers with just one row of petals over the really flouncy ones. So simple.






If I zoom out, the scene is very different. There are those rain barrels we forgot to take in 2 winters ago, still just lying there cluttering up the space.

And yet, the composition with the split barrels, the overgrown rose bush, the split rail fence and the log barn in the distance is somehow pleasing.

You get to choose what you see and how you interpret it.

I highly recommend getting your camera out to help you see your space (indoor or outdoor) differently.


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