Learning to quilt pebbles UPDATED

I’ve been doing some practicing this afternoon.

I started with drawing pebbles continuously on paper with a marker just to get the feel for the movement and direction. Even though writing with a pen and stitching with a free motion foot is not quite the same, I wanted a sense of the flow from one pebble to the next.

Then I pulled out some plain fabric and leftover batting and made a sandwich to practice on.

I also took out the quilting table that came with my machine. I was supposed to trade this in for a piece that fit in my sewing machine table and never did but I figured out how to screw it right to the table. It is not perfectly flat but the edges are bevelled so I don’t think that makes a difference. And having that firm flat surface continuously up to the needle really really helps.

Here are my first 2 samples:

Boy my forearms are sore, too. It is hard work holding the fabric and moving it. No wonder people wear grippy gloves to do this.

I might practice some more but I think my technique is good enough for dark thread on dark patterned fabric. Even on light, plain fabric it doesn’t look awful.

Updated: I’ve got 2 sides of the actual wallhanging quilted. See my Flickr for photos (use the sidebar widget to get there).

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