Lots of quilting this weekend

On February 29th, I bought a charm pack in a sale. I played with combining hourglass blocks and 4-patch blocks thinking I’d make some cushion covers. Then they sat around for a while.

When I picked them back up, I changed my mind. I sewed those 4 blocks together with a view to making a wall-hanging. In a recent sale, I picked up some yardage in 2 of the fabrics to use for backing and borders.

Yesterday I put those borders on:

wall-hanging with borders

... with borders

I’m really pleased with how the borders bring the whole thing together. For those who care, the borders are 1″, 2″, and 3″ (finished).

Then I went into town and picked up some quilting thread. One of my local quilt shops (yes, there are 2) has some very nice hand-dyed thread in variegated colours. I also got batting. I started quilting last night.

I began with some ideas from the runner I did last week. I identified some squares to highlight with multiple rows of stitching following the boundaries of the squares. My need for symmetry led me to 8 squares arranged diagonally around the centre, leaving 2 unquilted in the centre.

I recalled a tutorial I’d seen earlier this week on dot-to-dot quilting and tried that technique to quilt a diamond in that centre rectangle.

Then I left it overnight. When I returned to it this morning, I had ideas about how I could use that dot-to-dot technique to fill out the rest of the quilt.

The effect of what I’d done on Saturday was to make an asymmetric X through the quilt. I extended each corner with a triangle. Then I filled in the gaps between the main lines of the x with diamonds.

I started thinking about the borders. Up to this point, the quilting stayed within the original patchwork square. But the shape of what I’d quilted still had some big blank spots near the edges. I decided to extend my square to include the first 2 borders, quilting more dot-to-dot triangles using the corner and the mid-point of the border as 2 of 3 corners. The other point is off-centre, tying the assymetric central quilting to the more symmetric outside line.

That’s where I’ve stopped today. I have no idea what to quilt in the final 3″ border but I’m sure I’ll come up with something the next time I look at it. Here are some photos so you can get a better sense of it. Click on the photo to see a bigger image. (The white blob is the edge of my sewing machine.)







If you are interested in how I do this, I use my regular sewing machine. Here’s a work-in-progress shot:


2 thoughts on “Lots of quilting this weekend

  1. Very very nice. Ye,s the borders *totally* pull it all together. ) I’m noticing a big jumo in your work too. 😉

    I cannot wait to get my hands on Angie’s book when it comes out.


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