Those purple window coverings

The purple wallhangings-that-will-be-curtains have been languishing but yesterday I decided to spend some time doing some sewing.

It seems that the last time I updated here I was still working on the first one. Here is how that turned out.

I wanted the other one to use the same fabrics but since I only had a fat quarter of each to begin with I wasn’t really sure how that might turn out.

I decided to try an off-centre log-cabin variation.

This uses a leftover square from the first one bordered by 1″ and 2″ (finished) strips. I went with blue-purples on one side and pink-purples on the other.

To get the same size I needed 16 squares. In the end I ran out of mid-tones at 12 (and then only by substituting a patterned fabric I had in my stash for one of the rectangles).

Some squares are light in the centre moving to dark at the edge. Others are dark in the centre moving to light at the edge.

I still had a reasonable amount of fabric left, I was just missing the right size pieces of some colours.

I decided to make 2 narrow panels down each side and that’s where the project stalled.

I picked it up again yesterday and pieced those side panels. I had a bunch of the 2″ (finished) squares left. I decided to cut more from any strips of that width that were lying around and piece some from narrower strips. Here’s how the top has turned out (it is not quite square but wide enough to cover the window).

I’m pretty impressed with how these are turning out. I didn’t have a clear image in my mind of the finished product and the second one in particular was improvised at various stages.

Now they need backing and quilting. I think I want to get a couple of metres of the colour closest to the wall colour in Freya’s room for the backing and binding but this means finding some, or some other alternative. And it means spending money.

These will sit in the WIP pile for a while, I think.


One thought on “Those purple window coverings

  1. These are beautiful! Stunning effect with such simple fabrics,love them! Maybe I will venture near my fabric stash again, it’s feeling neglected as I’ve been playing with the yarn almost exculsively!


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