Another History Fair

In other news, Freya participated in another history fair this week. This one was not part of any bigger series but was organized by a local mom for local homeschoolers. There was no restriction on topics (the previous one had to be a Canadian history project).

From our perspective the benefit of the fair was that it gives a deadline and a structure to finish something. This worked very well for that. Mat and I think maybe she learned even more with this project.

Freya chose to use this opportunity to learn a bit more about the Cold War. We started with a trip to the War Museum back in March to look at their exhibit and learn a bit about the period. We managed to pick up a good book in the museum shop, too. (I thought I’d posted about that, but I guess I didn’t.)

She’s been reading some things on the Cold War as part of her French lessons with Mat and he also suggested some general overviews from books he had around. Then the two of them talked about it as a way to help her narrow down the topic.

She decided to focus on propaganda. They had more conversations, she read more from the book she’d bought at the museum. She procrastinated.

In the week or so before the fair she pulled together a rather impressive display and wrote some text. Mat read it over and made some suggestions. She revised. And here it is:

We’re both pretty impressed with what she learned in the process. Yay for deadlines.



One thought on “Another History Fair

  1. What a great learning experience. I dig history fairs, as they put together something so concrete after all the research (other than a paper) . And I will never let you forget that you said “Yay for deadlines.” 😉


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