new additions to the farm

Today we pick up pigs.

There are 5 of them. They are Tamworth/Berkshire crosses. All male. Castrated because I don’t allow a lot of uncastrated males on this farm.

The farm where we got them had purebred Berkshires as well. We saw lots of cute little black and white pigs. There were even some born this morning who were tiny. Unfortunately their mom was more baffled by the arrival of piglets than anything and wasn’t lying down so they could feed. The farmer was going to see if one of the other mama pigs would help out.

Also, I realize that you have not seen Rhiannon, the wee East Fresian/Lacaune lamb born with Mat’s able midwifery assistance last Saturday. Here she is.

She has been out on pasture the past few days with her mama.


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