more sheepy news

I’ve been a bit slow updating about the sheep.

The first lamb, now named Prima thanks to a suggestion from @lizgloyn on Twitter, was born Thursday morning. On Saturday afternoon, I thought the other North Country Cheviot ewe was acting a bit strange. I consulted my trusty book, read the signs of a sheep going into labour aloud to Freya, sent her out to check, and we decided that she was in labour.

Panic s’installe (as Mat’s colleagues say)

I knew she was probably fine on her own but that I needed to keep an eye out for problems and help out if needed. I think I now have a sense of how hard it is for our partners when we are in labour 🙂

Anyway, I started that purple quilt project with ironing the fat quarters. I asked Freya to phone a friend. The first friend wasn’t in, so she called another. She said “Mommy is freaking out” which I protested so she modifed to “Mommy is ironing”. My friend came right over. That tells you everything you need to know about me and ironing.

My friend has a daughter who does things like 4H vet club so this is all good. I finished slicing fabric into 2.5″ wide strips just as they were pulling into the drive and the light was fading. We went to check on the ewe.

The photo was taken the next day (with the iPad in a darkish barn, please forgive the photo quality).

My friends daughter swabbed the cords with iodine and we made sure they had clean hay and water for the mama. All are doing well.

Today they were even outside on pasture. Mat has docked their tails (or put the rubber rings on which will … you don’t need all the details). One of the twins has a bit of an eye infection which he’s cleaned and we’ll keep an eye on.

The regular camera came back from NZ with him so better photos will be coming soon.

Also, pigs will be arriving this week.


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