The newest member of our farm family

Thursday morning I looked out the bedroom window and only 3 of our 4 sheep were out in the farmyard. When I went up to feed them I discovered why.

Morag had her baby.

This photo was taken the next day. The lamb is a wee ewe and is doing well.

There is a gate on that pen which I close by tying it to the post with baling twine. Morag laughs at my conceit. She has twice opened it and taken the lamb out to get some fresh air and sunshine.

Today she took her down to the near pasture with the others. I will try to get some photos of them grazing.

In case you were wondering, I really didn’t have to do much at all.

Morag has done this before and clearly had no issues. I didn’t even know she was going to lamb that day. (I’m expecting April. I’d love it if the other two wait until Mat gets home from his trip.)

When I went up there she was in the barn with the lamb. The placenta was near the door so I knew she was done. (The chickens cleaned that up later.)

I invited my neighbour to come and check on them just because I don’t have enough any experience with this kind of thing. Now I know how to check that the lamb has eaten and the mama has milk.

Keep your fingers crossed, say prayers, or whatever else you like to do that the other 2 lamb as easily. One of the others is a new mama so I need to make sure she cleans and feeds her baby, too.

I plan to keep this lamb. A ewe to a good mother is a good addition to our small flock. Also, she’s a North Country Cheviot and should have a nice fleece. She’ll need a name.


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