New patchwork project

Since I don’t have any batting and my bank balance suggests I should hold off on buying any, I’ve started a new project.

On February 29th, Flare Fabrics had a sale. I bought a charm pack. (I know there is a contradiction here about my bank balance. I am ignoring it.)

The colours made me think of my friend Liz’s living room and I figured maybe I’d end up with some throw cushions or something. It now occurs to me that with 3 boys, Liz might not have throw cushions on her sofa for very good reasons. I might risk it anyway.

After some pondering, I decided to see what happened if I mixed hourglass blocks with 4 patch blocks. Here’s what I ended up with.

I think the 2 blue and gold ones and the predominantly blue one would make a nice set, especially if I got some blue fabric for borders and cushion backs.

The gold one I’m not so sure what to do with. If anyone is really drawn to it and wants to take it and incorporate it into your own project, just let me know.

So the plan now is to put some borders on these. I’ll probably back them with an old sheet or something and quilt them, then make a cushion cover with a back that matches the borders. I need to investigate standard cushion form sizes first so I can ensure the finished size is something I can actually find a form for.


2 thoughts on “New patchwork project

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