2 quilt tops

Here’s the latest on the lap quilt I’m making for my parents. I got some mid-value pink for the borders and then used a strip made from scraps of the main fabrics to add some length. It’s not a full bed-size quilt but should be a good size for napping on the sofa or in the recliner (my dad has always been a big napper).

quilt for mom, with borders

I need to get backing fabric for this. I initially thought something in that teal green but neither quilt shop in town has anything. (I know. I’m lucky to have 2 quilt shops in my local town.) One quilt shop owner suggested pale gray and I wasn’t sure but on further reflection that’s what I might do.

I have another strip of leftovers, in a pattern of squares and rectangles. I plan to use that as part of a pieced back which should enable me to use one length of fabric. This is only just over 45″ which is the standard width of fabric.

I’ve also been pondering how I’m going to quilt it. My mom’s living room has flowery fabric in it. I’m wondering if it’s possible to do some big stylized flowers in the stitching.

I also made progress on the Pandora’s Box quilt. I decided to go with the purple.

Pandora's Box quilt-top with borders

Cutting 6.5″ wide strips is not simple. My ruler is only 6″ wide. However I figured that width would be more forgiving of small inconsistencies. Lucky I’m not a perfectionist.

I love how different it looks with the border on it. I’m really happy with this. I have a greenish jungle print for the binding. I thought I’d bought enough of the purple for the backing but clearly miscalculated, though that might also have been affected by the extra fabric needed to join the 6.5″ strips on the diagonal. I’ve ordered a bit more.

I have some spare squares and scraps from the front that I will join into a strip. I have more of the border fabric than I need (the pattern called for .5m but there was a minimum order of 1m). I’m planning on piecing the back in a T and separating the big pieces with strips. We’ll see how that goes.

This quilt is a single bed size. I suspect it will live on the back of the sofa though.


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