Quilt progress: Pandora’s Box

Pandora's Box quilt top

I picked up a jelly roll of batik prints a couple of years ago when I was visiting a friend in PEI. Recently I took it out and thumbed through a couple of books of quilt patterns for jelly rolls and decided on this one.

It’s been fun to make though putting the blocks together has further exercised my ability to trust that things will look good when they are all together in the quilt. I did make decisions about what fabrics to put together but I tried not to be too rigid. And I made sure that no two squares are exactly the same.

I now need to decide what colour to use for the border. The pattern calls for 6.5″ borders which make the finished quilt 52″ x 76″, big enough for a single bed, I think.

I started this with no purpose in mind other than to play with fabric and colour. (See the post on my other blog about “hobbies”.) That means I don’t have a particular use in mind.

If I were thinking of a particular person’s bedroom, picking a colour to bring out in the border would be easy. But I’m not. And that quilt top just doesn’t shout “Border me in …” (If it shouts a particular colour at you, please let me know in the comments.)

What that means is that I am likely to default to purple. I found a nice dark purple/blue batik print at Flare Fabrics. I figure if it doesn’t work when I get it here, having a chunk of that in my stash will not be a problem.

But I’m also wondering about using something with a bit of pattern in the batik. Flowers or leaves or something. And considering whether I want a dark or a light border.

Update: I ordered the purple, enough for border and backing. And a lighter print batik for the binding.

2 thoughts on “Quilt progress: Pandora’s Box

  1. You could do a triple border. More work but it does help things pop. 2″ in teal. 1 inch in cream and then 3″ in the purple would look great. (finished sizes- so cut 2.5, 1.5 and 3.5)

    As I am not cutting or sewing it so it isn’t wavy it is easy for me to suggest ;).


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