An update

I’ve been busy but I wanted to drop by and let you know what with.

I had a business trip to Edmonton last week and tacked on a visit to the Farm School gang. Using credit card and airline points I flew Freya out to meet me and rented a car to drive over there for a couple of days.

Despite the fact that they were all sick, we had a very nice visit. I manage to have come down with something since returning but lots of rest seems to be working. (And I absolutely do not blame Becky at all.)

Prior to leaving I was pretty busy preparing but there are sewing projects ongoing. I started piecing another quilt from a jelly roll of batik prints I bought a couple of years ago in PEI. I’m quite liking it but haven’t taken any photos.

I’ve also purchased fabric for backing and binding for the placemats. And yesterday I bought some fabric to put borders on the quilt I’m making for my parents. Still no decisions on backing but the woman in the quilt shop planted an idea that is mulling and I might go back and get something pale grey.

Speaking of my parents, they recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They came up here for the weekend and hosted a catered dinner at the B&B where they were staying. It was a lovely dinner. My older brother and his wife came up from Toronto and my other brother and his family live locally so there was a good crowd of us. My parents were very happy.

Winter has still not left us though it has been a very odd winter. We got another big dump of snow this week so it looks very pretty outside. However, this was only the 2nd time we’ve had to shovel this winter. (We’re pretty slack so maybe others shovelled more frequently but it hasn’t been much.)

Of course the pattern of the winter weather means that there is a lot of ice under that snow, something that catches me by surprise sometimes. Alberta doesn’t seem to be having much of a winter at all. There was barely any snow on the fields and none at all in the city though I understand they had a bit the other day.

The coming week is pretty busy for everyone else in this house. Mat has a lot of meetings that take him into the city and Freya needs to be in Perth every evening this week, mostly for things associated with the performance of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown that she is volunteering with.

Freya also has a new babysitting client. She put flyers in all the mailboxes on our road in the fall and heard nothing. Then last week someone called. It’s someone who works from home and has a preschooler so the fact that Freya is available during the day works well for her on the occasions (not regular) that she needs someone during the day. She’s going back on Monday.

That’s it for now. Sorry about the lack of pictures. I’ll try to remedy that soon.

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