Playing with scraps and randomness

I’ve been thinking a bit about the back of the quilt and incorporating some strips made of the fabrics used in the main part of the front.

Today I decided to use up the leftovers from my fat quarters to make strips for that purpose.

First up, a strip made from regular shapes that also mirror the front.

I cut 6.5 cm strips from what remained of each fat quarter. Then cut those into 1 cm rectangles. Some of the rectangles were cut in half to make squares.

I ended up with 26 rectangles and 26 sqaures. I jumbled up each pile and then attached a square to a rectangle as they came up. My only rule was to not sew 2 patches of the same fabric together. Then I sewed the longer rectangles together, etc.

I have a long strip 6.5 cm wide that I can use to make bands across the back.

I then sewed the irregular width pieces that remained together and then cut them across into 6.5 cm strips. I joined the irregular width but 13 cm length pieces remaining from cutting the 13 cm blocks into another set of strips, which I then cut in half to be 6.5 cm wide.

I then alternated the two types of strips and joined the whole thing into a long 6.5 cm wide strip which can be used for another band or two across the back.

This exercise was good for working on randomness. I tried not to think too hard about the placement of the colours (or strip widths in the second band). As long as 2 patches of the same fabric were not sewn together I went with it.

These 2 rolls of fabric are now sitting in the cupboard with the main part of the top awaiting the purchase of fabric for the borders, backing, and binding.

In the meantime, I’ve pulled out some batiks — a jelly roll, a charm pack, and a larger chunk of fabric. I’m going to think about what might be done with those…


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