More progress on the quilt

There is no good electric light in my sewing room so if I’m going to work on the quilt, I need to do it in daylight. A few times this week I was able to spend some time after I’d finished my work to-do list before the sun set.

One day I sewed squares together into rows of 3. Another I sewed rows of 3 into 9-patch blocks. Another I cut the 9-patch blocks in quarters. Another I sewed the quarters (twisted around) together into halves.

Today I sewed the halves together into the remaining 6 Disappearing 9-patch blocks. Then I took all 12 blocks downstairs to a blank piece of floor and laid them out. I sewed the blocks together into rows of 3. Then I walked the dogs. When I got back I had time to get the 4 rows sewn together.

Next step: borders. I think I might find something in a mid-value pink.


One thought on “More progress on the quilt

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