That’s the word of the week around here, I guess.

We went to see the public health nurse on Tuesday to get the vaccinations that kids Freya’s age would normally get in school. And it turns out if you don’t get the HPV one in the year you are in grade 8 the government won’t pay for it.

WTF? Not, that’s the recommended age and we make it easy by doing it in school. But do it now or else? Makes no sense from a population health perspective at all. The public health nurse is looking into it since we obviously didn’t actively refuse it last year, I’m just a bit slack about getting around to things.

Then Freya had a mild reaction to the ones she did get (Hep B and meningitis) and felt crappy for a couple of days. Normal but annoying. Topped up with nausea all day Thursday which I phoned Telehealth about. They figured it was unrelated and just some bug but she felt really crappy that day. And looked kinda green. It cleared up with clear liquids and rest.

Then Friday she had her science exam which my friend agreed to proctor. Freezing rain. So my friend’s kids are home from school. I take Freya over there to do it (it’s on the internet anyway).

The end of our road where it hits this highway is a bit of a slope. I slowed down early on account of the weather but when I went to brake — no dice. I steered into the snowbank by the stop sign. Worked a treat and I was in the 4WD truck so getting out of the snowbank was pretty easy and we continued. On the way back I see that that slope is basically sheet ice. No wonder.

Then today, I decide to book the rest of the stuff for our trip to see Becky and family. Well, that was quite a rigamarole. The basic problem is that Freya is a minor which makes it difficult to use her airline points card online without confirming things over the phone (which involves being on hold long enough to log in as me and book a car using my points while I wait). Then there are no points seats available. So I go to plan B, use the points on the credit card. But they can’t book for an unaccompanied minor though they can give me a number for a statement credit, I can buy the ticket directly from the airline, e-mail them the itinerary and then phone to redeem the credit. That involved another epic hold.

All the actual agents involved were very helpful and friendly once I got through to them. And I can book a ticket for her online now that she is over 12. So I didn’t have additional rigamarole for that bit.

We are looking forward to our weekend with the Farm School gang even if their weather returns to seasonal norms. Something warmer than their seasonal normal but cold enough for there to be snow and NO FREEZING RAIN would be ideal. I am partial to -10C and sunny but I’m pretty sure you can’t special order weather.

And then there is this:

That is the floor of my downstairs bathroom. That orange thing is capping the toilet outflow. Yes, the floor boards under my toilet were rotten.

This week we learned that the problem was water seeping IN from outside. There is still some confusion about the relationship between the back wall of the house and the back wall of the foundation. The floor of the house is at grade instead of above grade. The downspouts from the eavestroughs drip near the house. Etc. Etc.

The plate under the wall is completely rotted as is part of the bathroom floor. Some of the wall was opened up and the rot did not start to ascend the wall studs. Thank goodness for small mercies.

The contractor is coming back on Monday and we are now renovating our downstairs bathroom. Granted, it is butt-ugly. Done about 25-30 years ago. Grey fixtures. (yes, I know) Grey marble effect tile but a different kind of grey, and kind of a green-grey. The tile goes floor to ceiling. The ceiling is stippled. I have dust and cobwebs (I heat with wood which makes a lot of dust) and cleaning a stippled ceiling… let’s just say I don’t look up a lot in there.

Today Mat and I went and looked at fixtures. This is a downstairs bathroom in a house none of the house-beautiful types will ever want to buy. We want plain and serviceable. This means that it looks like we can get all the fixtures and faucets for under $1000 (before tax). Not bad. The labour and the floor are going to be plenty.

The new version will have white fixtures. A door on the shower. No tile (with the exception of a splashback behind the sink). We will paint it either turquoise or orange.

Crucially, there will be no danger of ending up in the basement rather suddenly while in the middle of doing something involving your pants around your ankles.

And yes, the contractors will have to come back in the summer to investigate and repair whatever is going on on the outside of that wall.

Goodbye to this week. And good riddance.


3 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I’m sorry and I can commiserate. We’ve had some similar things happening — freezing rain and a green daughter with stomach flu on Saturday, and no brakes (or power steering) on Thursday. At least you had a snowbank to drive into — I had to coast to stop, and made my child (while she was still healthy) jump out of the (slightly) moving vehicle to hail the van behind us.

    Will have to discuss HPV stuff with you while you’re here. And thankfully no problem problems here, though I hope I haven’t just angered the basement plumbing gods with that statement…


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