a lot of work for not a lot of learning

This is our mid-term assessment of the online science class.

Freya is maintaining a B average which is consistent with our purposes. But she’s spending an awful lot of time on this class.

I’m not sure if this is partly a reflection of the fact that it is designed on the semester model and thus assuming that it is 1 of 4 subjects the students are doing. Or, if it’s that there is just a lot of busy-work involved in the course.

We know at least one other homeschooler who has this opinion of this type of class (and thus doesn’t take them). I think it was worthwhile to try it but it certainly doesn’t meet my need for a science module that covered some basics without a lot of effort. I think we could do some things ourselves that would meet our minimum requirements for science.

The mid-term report card is similarly meaningless. In fact there are statements in one section of the report that cannot possibly relate to any actual knowledge the teacher has of her.

Oh well. She is not hating it. She is keeping up with the work. And it finishes in January.


One thought on “a lot of work for not a lot of learning

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