My other Remembrance Day post

I have lots of difficult thoughts, not all of them connected.

In the mythology of WWII, we fought to defeat fascism.

My knowledge of history is very poor. Let’s be up front about that. One of the great things about homeschooling is that you can patch your own knowledge as you go.

As I read about Mussolini’s rise, the topic of Freya’s French dictée last week. As I read A Woman in Berlin and Alone in Berlin, my birthday gift from my parents-out-law. As I read City of Shadows (my own choice from the library, because I like the author).

I was struck by the frightening parallels to things that are happening right now. Right here.

And I feel the holes in my knowledge of the rise of fascism in Europe between the wars.

Why are we remembering those who served and those who died in the war that followed but not really talking about what came before? Why are we not talking about how we can prevent those outcomes?

Lest We Forget

Forget what? The war? The soldiers? That war and soldiering are important?

Or forget the cause? The ideals they fought for?

Are we remembering the former and forgetting the latter? And is that forgetting allowing similar things to happen again?

History does not repeat itself. The differences are likely to be significant. But that does not make the parallels any less frightening.

Lets not forget freedom and how easily those who would deny it can rise to power.


One thought on “My other Remembrance Day post

  1. You can see the same thing with 9/11. Almost the entire focus of the historical event is on the planes, the twin towers, 3000+ people dying and almost no attention is paid to the 20-30 years of foreign policy, Middle East economics, etc. that lead up to it.

    In a way, it’s the same as what I’ve said about weddings and marriage. Society in general focuses a great deal on weddings which are an hour or two and very little on marriage which spans years.


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