oops, where was I

Sorry, got busy and didn’t update here for a bit. I was away doing some work in Windsor and got to meet a few of those people I’ve met on the internet while I was there. Full details (if you are interested) on my biz blog.

Freya’s new found responsibility seems to be sticking. I’m getting used to having a teenager that just gets on with stuff. To reassure those of you who don’t have one of these, I am under no illusions that this is the result of something I’ve done nor that it is in any way normal. I’m trying to be grateful and support this behaviour in the hopes that it hangs around.

I was worried that there was a lot on her plate this fall. (see what I mean here) It all started slowly and built up but I really did wonder if we were attempting too much. We had a conversation about that this week. I explained the frog and boiling water metaphor (which she found amusing) and she assured me that she was not boiling to death. In fact, she is enjoying being busy.

Interestingly she’s also doing a lot more crafty things. Sewing especially. Like I said, I’m not sure exactly how we got here but I’m being grateful and trying not to ruin anything.

That could be my main parenting objective: try not to ruin her.

I’ve been making knitting progress. The beery socks are still in time out. (A punishment I never used with kids but seems very effective for knitting.)

The grey and red sweater is almost done though.

grey & red sweaterSince that photo was taken the other sleeve has been completed and I’ve almost finished the body.

I’ve been using the peter pan technique for the grey (and tweeting with #tinkerbellknitting for support) and just believing really hard that it will last (as you do for fairies). It seems to have worked.

I normally need the measurement below the underarms to be 16.5″ and the grey ran out at about 16″. I switched to red and started a ribbed hem but don’t like it. I think I’ll rip back the red and just knit a couple of rows (for a very narrow border), a turning row, and then a hem to turn under.

Freya was saying that a bit of red there would be good to balance the rest of the sweater but I don’t want too much as I don’t want to draw attention to the hips. She assures me that pattern at the yoke is going to draw all the attention but still.

I think I’m going to reknit the cuffs on the sleeves as well. I should have used a smaller needle for the ribbing. The joy of top-down construction is that that’s a really easy fix. And smaller needles should mean a bit less yarn so just ripping back and reknitting should be just fine.

I’m looking forward to this being done. The weather is ideal for it and our house is normally at a temperature where a nice warm sweater is a good thing.

I’ve noticed myself eyeing up other sweaters in thicker yarn lately, too. I have a couple in my Ravelry queue (you can only see that if you are a Ravelry member, sorry).

We also found a pattern for a sweater with owls around the yoke that Freya wants me to knit for her. (That link will work for anyone.) The same yarn I used for the red and grey sweater will work so we’ll pop into the LYS and pick a colour. It comes in HUGE skeins but her size will take probably just a bit more than one so I’ll end up with leftovers. Chunky hats might need to be knit. I still have lots of red, too. (and yes, for those that clicked the link, the hat in the header image is very tempting)

I also finished the scarf to go with the hat that I was knitting.

Autobahn scarfAnd finally took a photo of it. I still haven’t woven in the ends and the whole set needs a wash but it’s done.

I really liked this pattern.

There are a few almost finished things in my knitting bags that I really should get to. And the sweater in really fine yarn for me that I should work on regularly if it is ever going to be finished. I started that heavy sweater as a relief from small guage knitting and seem to have got off track altogether šŸ™‚

Things on the farm are going well. All but one of the roosters are now slaughtered and in the freezer. One (the prettiest) has been kept with the hens.

I found one dead hen this morning. No apparent reason. I hope it isn’t something that is going to decimate my flock but rather some random thing.

I’ll let you know when the new sheep arrive. It should be sometime this month.

One thought on “oops, where was I

  1. I do like that jumper! Mmmm, grey and red, and loopy colour patterns.

    Do you read Kate Davies, who writes Needled blog (where the owl jumper comes from)? I think you’d enjoy her, particularly going back. She was an academic (at Newcastle, lives in Edinburgh) until she had a stroke a year or so ago while out running (several years younger than I am). Good on history and textiles etc., thoughtful and feminist perspective.


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