Weekly roundup

Let’s get the whining out of the way first. I cut my thumb this morning, with a kitchen knife. I now have 2 stitches and a massive bandage and the freezing is starting to wear off. Luckily, typing does not require my left thumb.


Homeschooling stuff is going well. Freya is not excited about the online science course but she’s doing the work and learning things. Her other work is more interesting and also going well. She’s even seen the value in a certain amount of review-type stuff in math to make sure she’s really grasped some key concepts.

Freya’s piano lessons started again this week. She’s very happy about that and is starting to work on her Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 6.

We also found/made time to go to the Canadian War Museum on Friday to see the special exhibition on War and Medicine. It was good though, as Freya said, if you thought about it too much it might give you nightmares. Worthwhile but not for the highly sensitive.

She has also been using a book on making your own dress patterns to make a sundress pattern for some fabric we have in the stash. She’s using another fabric for a test dress and discovering various things about the design process. I’ve been impressed with her concentration on this project. Proof, not that we need it, that kids do learn when motivated.

My Work

I’ve been working on handouts and related things for my upcoming trip to Windsor. I’ll be doing a presentation and some coaching around grant applications for the University research office. Then I’m running a live workshop version of the Conscious Careers course I usually do with a colleague by conference call.

I had some great ideas for the presentation to make it more interactive. I’ve been trying out the tools at VisualsSpeak.com and plan to use the IceBreaker kit. I’ve ordered extras so I have enough for the expected size of the group. These are really interesting tools for engaging the visual brain and I’m looking forward to using them with a group.

I also did some bookkeeping and figured out that with the work I’ve already booked, I’m on track for what I think of as my normal annual business income. Hopefully I’ll exceed that number but knowing I’ve already hit it is reassuring.

Farm stuff

Other whiney news: the sheep got out on Monday and haven’t come back. We’ve looked. We’ve alerted the neighbours. No sign of them despite the bells. At this point we expect a coyote got them. Not happy but resigned.

We’ve started thinking that 3 might be too few sheep. They all get out together and then stick together. We’re trying to figure out if a larger flock would not all escape at once and thus provide motivation for escapees to stay close and/or come back.

The ewes we’re waiting for have not been bred yet so that’ll be a few more weeks. We’re going to ask the neighbour we’re buying hay from about a couple of ewes from him, too. He mentioned it awhile ago and I’m now thinking it might be a good idea. He has Cheviots which are beautiful, a good meat breed, and not bad for wool. Not fine wool but an online friend recently spun some and liked it.

One of the young hens has started laying. We’re keeping them locked in the run more of the day so the young ones establish a habit of laying in the nesting boxes. Hopefully all will be laying soon.

The roosters’ days are numbered though some were reprieved today due to my unexpected visit to the emergency room. We’ll keep one with the hens.

I’m enjoying fresh tomatoes from the greenhouse this late in the season. Apparently there will soon be lettuce and other greens, too.

Mat planted garlic yesterday. There is still broccoli in the main garden. And Jerusalem artichokes.

We also rented a log splitter last Tuesday and split the larger logs we had in the woodshed. What a great machine. We now have about 16 stove cords of firewood, more than enough to last through even a tough winter.


I’ve made good progress on the Autobahn scarf this week.

The weather is now such that I’m wearing handknit sweaters frequently.

That’s it for now.


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