GRRRR, frustrations with my beery socks

Making great progress on the Socks with Pints On.

More sock, more pints

Turned the heel. Knit another 4 rows of pints (which is most of the foot). Decided to try it on.

Crap. I should have done that earlier.

In fact, as I started the foot, I thought the pints looked larger. Had Freya look and she said that apart from that first row up by the cuff, they were fine.

That should have set off the alarms.

Yes, that first row of pints of lager has the floats held too tightly. (That’s the green floating along behind the little glasses for your non-knitters.) And the sock will not go over my heel!

<insert swearing here>

I sat there staring at it wondering if I could cut off the offending bit, reknit it and graft it on but…

I also not liking the striping on the foot so much. And I really prefer toe-up construction with short-row heels (though I’d add a gusset for this sock to compensate for the reduction in stretchiness of the stranded knitting).

I think I’m going to rip it out and start again. (Isn’t there a song? Rip it up and start again? Someone needs to record a knitters’ cover version.) from the toe. With a different thing going on on the bottom of the foot.



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