I have this pattern. I buy curtain fabric and lining with great plans and then don’t actually follow through.

So there’s fabric I bought for Freya’s room when she was 6. Never got made up. Too babyish for her now. Fabric for a roman blind in the living room in the old house that never got made. Etc.

Our kitchen/dining room has really nice windows with really lacy curtains that we all detest but that we kept for lack of alternatives. A couple of years ago I even went looking for fabric to make nice curtains for in there. Heavy curtains that would help keep the heat in in the winter.

I didn’t buy it at the time because I was dropping a lot of cash on heavy curtains for the front room. A lot of cash because I recognized my pattern and really wanted heavy curtains so my front room wouldn’t be so cold. I had them made.

Recently, I realized that fabric I had purchased to recover the sofa under Freya’s loft bed would go really nicely in our kitchen/dining area. The background colour is the same colour as the walls (the walls that are painted, some of the walls have diagonal pine panelling). We all like red and orange. I bet there’s enough.

new kitchen curtains

Sure enough, there is enough. And if you don’t care whether the linings of the 2 curtains are exactly the same colour (which I don’t) there was enough curtain lining hanging around, too.

Today, after dropping Freya off in the city for a choir event (followed by her regular Sunday/Monday classes), I stopped at bought curtain rods and clip rings and Mat helped me hang them.

There was enough of that fabric left over the recover the seats of the 2 chairs that had off white seats. Well they have off white seats when we bought them. They are more off than anything these days.

And I got some really sturdy orange fabric to recover the other 4 chairs, whose seats were getting a bit threadbare. I love sewing with a staple gun!

As it happens, the 2 armchairs on the other side of this room are a pinky red that goes very well with the red in the curtains. All of a sudden it looks like someone planned this room instead of just plunking furniture we happened to have in here 🙂

In other weekly news:

You will be glad I am not one of those people who feels the need to document all of our activities in photographs. Today we murdered 3 chickens and spent a couple of hours this morning plucking and gutting them. Mat does the murdering and gutting but I helped with plucking. We decided to skin one of them (mostly to avoid the unpleasantness of plucking a bird that clearly slept on a lower rung) and I did that, too.

He figured 3 or 4 at a time is all he can cope with psychologically and that once he gets started he has to keep going. Fair enough. We only have 11 or 12 to do. (There is one chicken in with the hens which we think we sexed inproperly. He’s not crowing, though.)

Freya’s latin books came so that will go into the regular school-type activities. She seems to be enjoying the online science class and is taking responsibility for attending classes (2 per week) and submitting all her work. I am pretty impressed with how responsible for all of this she is this year. Something clearly clicked.

We’ve finished Chapter 2 of Jacob’s Algebra (graphing functions). She tested out of Chapter 1. I’m going to give her the chapter test for Chapter 2 on Tuesday. And probably give her a Chapter 3 (Integers) test as a pre-test to see where she is and what we need to go over in that chapter. Freya much prefers the more conceptual algebra to arithmetic. This bodes well for high-school math.

Freya’s piano lessons start after Thanksgiving (which is the same weekend as Columbus Day if you live south of the border). She has played almost every day at least once since her last lesson in May. She has a few pieces memorized and even played while we were at my parents visiting. This also bodes well. She plans on doing her RCM Grade 6 exam in June 2012.

I’ve been knitting a lot. I think I’ll do a separate post about that.


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